Colombia Planadas Community

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A lovely coffee from the producers of the Planadas community in remote Tolima. Notes of caramel, brown sugar and peach.


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Farm: Various small farms (5-6 hectares)from the Planadas community
Varieties: Caturra, Typica, Colombia F8, Castillo
Altitude: from 1600 to 2000 m.a.s.l
Process: Double Fermentation: 35/35 hours, Fully Washed and Sun dried +/- 20 days
Region: Montalvo through to Bilbao, Planadas, Tolima

We’ve loved working with John and Claudia from the Green Collection over the past few years and the coffee they source from the small farms in Colombia’s Tolima Province have always wowed us with their beautiful peachy, floral notes combined with a lovely rounded body and juicy mouthfeel.

The Planadas community lies one of the most remote coffee growing regions in Colombia. Previously this area was classified as a red zone controlled by the FARC. Now with the new peace accord in progress there is hopefully a promising future to the many families who passionately farm this land.

This community coffee is a result of a community development program centralised around the various Planadas hamlets through the production and supply of a high grade coffees ensuring fair pricing based on quality driven production. The project initiative is to develop a stable environment through traceability and sustainably grown coffee with an emphasis on social welfare. New and ongoing campaigns in the community include the production and use of organic fertilisers, tree planting and extended fermentation practices.

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