Kenya Kiri AB

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An absolutely stellar lot from the producers of Kirinyaga county delivering coffee to the Kiri factory below Mt Kenya.


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Owner: 1200 smallholder producers
Variety: SL28, SL14, Ruiru 11, Batian
Process: Fully Washed and sun dried
Altitude: 1400 metres above sea level
Region: Kirinyaga County

The Kiri Factory processes coffee from some 1,200 producers in the region who belong to the Ngiriambu Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd.

At around 1,400 metres above sea level with rich red volcanic soil high in nutrients and organic matter. Combined with ideal temperatures and rainfall, the farmers are working with excellent growing conditions and utilise ecological farming techniques to ensure a productive and sustainable harvest.

After handpicking, farmers deliver coffee cherries to the Kiri Factory for processing. As with the vast majority of Kenyan coffee, this one is a washed process: the outer fruit of the cherries are mechanically removed, and the fleshy beans are soaked overnight in water to start the fermentation process and break down the sticky substance that covers the beans. The next day they are rinsed and the beans are laid out to dry in the sun, carefully sorted and turned to ensure full drying.

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