Our Man in Colombia

Our Man in Colombia

Last month our head roaster travelled to Antioquia, Colombia on a two-week skills exchange organised by the lovely people at De Los Andes Co-operativa. Hosted by the amazing guys at Cafelumbus, Dave had a wonderful adventure experiencing harvest, processing and milling at origin as well as taking part in a whole lot of cupping and roasting. Fair to say that he had such a good time that for a moment there we thought we might not be able to persuade him to come home to Scotland. As well as visiting the beautifully managed Cafelumbus farms he also spent time with the lovely people at Green Hills Coffee. Some of Dave’s awesome photos are here below. We can’t begin to thank both Melissa Agudelo Monsalve at Co-operativa de los Andes and Catalina Vasquez of Cafelumbus enough for creating this fantastic opportunity for Glen Lyon and we are so looking forward to being able to return your amazing hospitality when you come and visit us here in Scotland.

Catalina of Cafelumbus

Finca La Gabriela, Ciudad Boliviar

Farm manager Fabian, La Gabriela

Dave with the two “Juans” from Green Hills, La Loma

Fabio, Finca Simeona

Helping out…

Drying at Jardin, with a roof that slides closed for rainy days

Handsome boy!

Picker at Finca Simeona


Dave helping out with the drying

Riding into town, Jardin