Brazil Fazenda Horizontina

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Fernando Beloni’s farm is the first coffee farm to gain certification for its regenerative agriculture practices and this anaerobic fermentation coffee is delighting us with its summery Pina colada vibes.


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Producer: Fernando Beloni
Farm: Fazenda Horizontina
Certification: Regenerative
Altitude: 960 metres above sea level
Varietal: Paraiso
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation
Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Located in Brazil’s Cerrado Mineiro region, Fernando Beloni’s Fazenda Horizontina is the first coffee farm to gain certification for its regenerative agriculture practices. We’re delighted to offer this delicious anaerobic fermentation coffee from a producer whose commitment to sustainability matches our own.

To achieve the regenerative farming certification, Fernando worked to restore the farm’s soil, improve biodiversity among natural pollinators and increase soil carbon capture. The farm was already using many regenerative practices and had reduced the use of chemical pesticides, so achieving the certification was relatively straightforward.

This coffee went through a 60-hour anaerobic fermentation process, where freshly-harvested coffee cherries are sealed in an oxygen-deprived chamber during the fermentation stage. This technique was adapted from the winemaking world, and has become very popular in coffee as a way to enhance flavours and help specific lots stand out.

Sometimes coffees processed using this method can taste overly boozy and fermented, but this one is much more restrained: it tastes incredibly sweet and subtly creamy with a deliciously summery pineapple note.