New Specialty Coffee Shop opening in Stirling

New Specialty Coffee Shop opening in Stirling

We’re bursting with pride that our former colleague and good friend Conor Syme will officially be opening HBW Coffee in Stirling this Friday. Located in what was once an opticians in Barnton Street, Conor is offering amazing single origin coffees together with fine cakes and gluten free breakfasts and lunches.

Not long graduated from Stirling University where he studied English and Film, Conor was inspired to set up the café after studying in the USA for a semester and becoming obsessed with the independent coffee culture. “I frequented a local shop that was a hub of social interaction, and everyone enjoyed their daily visit, customers and staff,” commented Conor. “It was clear that independent coffee was an industry that thoughtful people who didn’t want to fund big business flocked to.”

Having grown up in Crieff, Conor wants to support his local area by bringing the café model he had experienced in the States back to Scotland. “It is a simple equation really. I’ve created an inviting space, light and open, serving up great coffee with an accessible and growing food menu that allows staff to spend more time interacting with customers.”

Conor is drawing on experience that he gained both working with us at Glen Lyon, together with freelancing as a barista for speciality coffee shops across Scotland. “After working at cafes all around Scotland, I had the opportunity to see how new café owners had prioritised the layout and workflow of their bars” said Conor. “It was the best form of market research you could ever ask for.” We‘re sure HBW will become a popular destination in Stirling for anyone who would like a fantastic speciality coffee in a bright, warm and spacious setting. “My café is the sum of all my learning and I’m really happy with how it has turned out”, said Conor.“The initial feedback has been amazing, with people from all over the world seeking us out and leaving wonderful reviews. We still have a lot to implement, and even more to learn, but we know we’re up to the task”

Everyone is welcome to join Conor for the official opening of HBW this Friday February 1st at 6pm at 54/56 Barnton Street, Stirling. His team will be serving up great pizza by Napizza, beer and super tasty coffees to celebrate this exciting new venture.