Seasons of Storm and Wonder by Jim Crumley


From Jim Crumley, the “pre-eminent Scottish nature-writer” (Guardian), this landmark volume documents the extraordinary natural life of the Scottish Highlands and bears witness to the toll climate chaos is already taking on our wildlife, habitats and biodiversity – laying bare what is at stake for future generations. 

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A display of head-turning autumn finery on Skye provokes Jim Crumley to contemplate both the glories of the season and how far the seasons themselves have shapeshifted since his early days observing his natural surroundings.

After a lifetime immersed in Scotland’s landscapes and enriched by occasional forays in other northern lands, Jim has amassed knowledge, insight and a bank of memorable imagery chronicling the wonder, tumult and spectacle of nature’s seasonal transformations. He has witnessed not only nature’s unparalleled beauty, but also how climate chaos and humankind has brought unwanted drama to wildlife and widespread destruction of ecosystems and habitats.

In this landmark volume, Jim combines lyrical prose and passionate eloquence to lay bare the impact of global warming and urge us all towards a more daring conservation vision that embraces everything from the mountain treeline to a second spring for the wolf.


“It is difficult to do justice to a book of such knowledge and emotional heft as Jim Crumley’s latest and profoundly meditative work … ‘We are nature itself’ – that is the essential truth and the core message of this beautiful book.” – Dundee Courier

“One of Scotland’s finest nature writers.” – the Scotsman

“This is a book from an author that can inspire those with a good knowledge of wildlife but also, I feel, draw in others to that subject through the beauty of the writing and the incisiveness of the observation. A great book, and obviously a book for all seasons.” – Mark Avery

“Jim Crumley … has been our predominant writer on the natural world … [He] is a naturalist with a great gift for observation … His work engages us in the best ways – it addresses us as equals. We are drawn alongside him, to appreciate what he appreciates.” – Kathleen Jamie


Publisher: Saraband

ISBN: 9781913393533

Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm