Kenya Kiandu AB

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250g, Whole Beans
An exceptional coffee from the Kiandu farmers, super juicy and complex with notes of blackcurrant, cherry and red grape.


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Farm: Kiandu factory;
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Processing: Fully Washed and sun-dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1800m above sea level
Owner: approx 1200 farmers delivering to Kiandu mill
Town/Region: Tetu, Nyeri County

We first bought coffee from the Kiandu farmers back in 2018 and so we are thrilled to have secured it again after visiting the farmers and the factory at Kiandu earlier this year. This lush, central region of Kenya lying between the Aberdare Mountain range and the western slopes of Mt Kenya is famous for producing some of the country’s finest coffee – in fact, Kiandu AB has gone down in Glen Lyon history as one of our all-time African favourites.

Twelve hundred farmers deliver their coffee cherry to the Kiandu Coffee Factory (as washing stations/wet mills are called in Kenya) during the harvest. Most farmers have on average about 200 coffee trees and as well as coffee they grow subsistence and cash crops such as Macadamia on their smallholdings.

Originally the Kiandu farmers were members of the large Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) but following years of political difficulties and disagreements with Mutheka (as is typical of so many factory-FCS relationships in Nyeri) they have now gone their separate ways so we were more than pleased to have been able to track them down and secure this tasty AB lot.