Guatemala Finca Santa Ana

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A super sweet natural-processed coffee from Guatemala. We’re getting notes of peach, orange blossom and caramel—delicious!


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Producer: Fernando Díaz Ortega
Farm: Finca Santa Ana
Variety: Catuaí, Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1,599 to 1,814 metres above sea level
Town/City: Pueblo Nuevo Viñas
Region: Santa Rosa

In the village of Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, between the Tecuamburro and Pacaya volcanoes is located the mountain of La Gavia, where the coffee farm Santa Ana, is situated. Santa Ana is one of 3 neighbouring farms managed as a group, the other farms are named Amatillo and another called Idolia, with variation and distinction in flavour and coffee varieties amongst the 3 farms.​

The national and international recognition and success of the brands “Finca Santa Ana” is the result of the 30 years of hard work of its founder Roberto Díaz Marroquin, a coffee lover focused on quality. During these years, he managed, prepared, planted, harvested and processed each one of the yearly crops of the farm to satisfy the international markets. The farm and its neighbours are now managed by Roberto’s son Fernando.

Planting coffee varieties such as Bourbon and Catuaí, with native trees grown to shade the coffee plant, gives an excellent taste and aroma. The combination of these elements, plus the quantity of rain, soil type and particularly the altitude of the plantation, makes Finca Santa Ana’s coffee unique.

Strict supervision during the harvesting season has become very important, as the coffee bean must be perfectly ripe. The de-pulping and drying in the sun during the wet milling are also highly managed to maintain the quality of each coffee bean.

Fernando is proud that each year they have improved their coffee’s quality and have been internationally recognised. They have participated in the Cup of Excellence and have been among the finalists for several years.

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