Findings by Kathleen Jamie


A groundbreaking book based in Scotland that merges the very best of travel and nature writing from the award winning poet and author of Among Muslims.

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During her husband’s hospital stay for a life-threatening illness, Kathleen Jamie didn’t pray, but she did find herself paying very close attention to the world around her. In Findings, she shares her direct, uncluttered observations of the natural and unnatural world–seen from her kitchen window, on the streets of Edinburgh, in hospital corridors, in the Outer Hebrides.

What she finds: an awe-inspiring salmon run that turns out to have been reengineered so that no salmon can possibly reach the top of the falls. A disembodied doll head, caught with the carcass of a whale in sea grass on a remote island, where crofters once combed for driftwood. She wonders: “is durability still a virtue, when we have invented plastic.”


“A book of unparalleled beauty, sharpness of observation, wit, delicacy, strength of vision and rare exactness of language.” – The Daily Telegraph

“The vivid catching of the fleeting aspects of the world around us . . . Jamie does with remarkable skill.” – The Independent

“A mighty talent … She pushes at the edges, cuts corners and transcends the conventions of syntax with enviable insouciance.” – The Scotsman

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