East Timor Samoro

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We’re thrilled to bring back another delicious coffee from East Timor again this year, this time from the Samoro producer group with notes of butterscotch, dark chocolate and marmalade.


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Owner: Samoro Co-operative
Varieties: Typica, Timor Hybrid
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1500-1600 metres above sea level
Region: Letefoho


Marking our third year working with Karst Organics and their partner farmers in Letefoho, we’re excited to share this super sweet washed coffee from the Samoro Co-operative.

The Timor Hybrid is a coffee variety that appeared in the 1920s as a natural cross between arabica and robusta coffees. Extremely disease-resistant and high-yielding, it eventually beget varieties such as Catimor and Sarchimor.

The Samoro cooperative consists of seven farmers, a subset of the Cristo Liurai group with whom Karst has worked in the past, growing coffee between 1500 and 1600 metres above sea level.

Timorese coffee is truly wild and organically grown underneath the imposing shade trees that dominate the landscape. With time old traditions in processing coffee, passed on from generation to generation, coffee is helping to build up more opportunities for Timorese people to create a consistent and sustainable income from which to support and provide for their families and the local community.

Samoro is a sacred part of Letefoho, with a long history of coffee farming and strong Animist cultural traditions. Like other coffee farmers in East Timor, the Samoro cooperative grow their coffee underneath the shade of Ai Kakeu (Casurina) and Ai Samtuku (Albizia) trees.

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