Brazil Tangerina

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We’re super excited to introduce our new winter seasonal coffee! This big, fruity natural from Brazil has amazing clementine, chocolate and candied fruit notes.

Perfect for drinking all winter long.


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Farm: Fazenda Santa Rita
Owner: Vera De Oliveira Nunes Figueirido
Varietal: Mundo Nuvo
Altitude: 930 metres above sea level
Process: Natural
Region: Cerrado, Minas Gerais

Inspired by the family experience of growing coffee for more than three decades, Vera Nunes together with her sister Ieda Nunes formed a partnership in 2014 to produce specialty coffees.

On the Santa Rita and Barra dos Coqueiros farms, in Patrocínio, a region in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais famous for its quality coffees, the sisters carried out an agronomic project focused on the production of specialty coffees.

The work developed is dedicated to sustainability, with respect for the environment and social and ethical commitment to partners and consumers. The decision to operate in the high quality specialty coffee market and with certification for sustainable agriculture by the Rainforest Alliance from 2017, has allowed Iêda and Vera to participate prominently in specialty coffee competitions.

Both 1KG and 250g are packed in TUV Austria Compostable Certified white bags. This is suitable for a well managed home composter but better suited to industrial composting. We have a twice monthly industrial compost collection from our roastery in Aberfeldy and can process any bags returned to us.

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