Compostable Coffee Bags

100% compostable Glen Lyon Coffee bags

Introducing our new compostable 250g bags: revamped, redesigned, and crucially, more sustainable.

Coffee bags are one of our most important assets, both for catching the eye and educating the coffee drinker. Unfortunately, historically they’re also one of the hardest to keep out of landfill, which is why we’ve worked hard with the sustainable packaging company Grounded to produce a new range of retail packaging that is home compostable.

The new bags are plant made, with a 90-95% biobased content made from plant byproducts like sugarcane, corn etc. This means that they don’t rely on plastics and thus reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

They are also 100% compostable. If you don’t have access to a commercial composting service, we suggest putting them in your home compost bin. While they are not certified home compostable, and will take longer to break down than traditional home compost, they will eventually decompose into usable compost.

The Problem of Coffee Bags

Waste is a big problem throughout the coffee supply chain, and we are committed to reducing our footprint across our business. However the reality is that the supply chain is incredibly complex and while we encourage our suppliers and partners to reduce their own waste, we can only control so much.

This means there’s even more onus on ourselves to reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill from our roastery. We’ve been utilizing compostable bags for a number of years, but the technology is always advancing and so we’re always looking to improve their compostability.

Quick Info

The whole pouch including the zipper and valve are made from certified compostable materials, they are suitable for commercial compost but will break down in a well managed home compost over a longer period of time. For more information about the certifications, please see Grounded’s website.

Packaging FAQ

What should I do with my bag when I’m finished with it?

If you have access to one, an industrial composting service is the best solution. If you have a home compost bin, then we suggest cutting up your bag and adding it to your compost. It will take longer to break down than in a commercial system, but will eventually degrade into useable compost. We don’t suggest putting the bag into your council food waste collection unless such a service specifically allows compostable packaging (it might be a good idea to check if you’re unsure).

How long will my bag take to decompose?

The time it takes for our bags to biodegrade depends on the conditions of the composting environment. Industrial or commercial compost facilities run at higher temperatures and certification protocol requires materials to biodegrade within six months. Home composts are more variable and depend on external factors such as temperature, humidity and how often they’re turned.

Can my bag be recycled?

These bags are made from plant-based materials and so should be composted rather than recycled.

Can I send bags back to be composted?

Yes absolutely! Please post your empty bags (we suggest saving up a few first) to

Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters Ltd
Aberfeldy Business Park,
Aberfeldy, Perthshire,
PH15 2AQ

and we’ll add them to our industrial compost pickup service.

What about the rest of your packaging?

Our 1KG bags are also certified commercially compostable, and our posting envelopes and boxes are made from recycled cardboard.